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Professional Judges Feedback

Citrus Twist Gin

  • Lovely citrus aroma. Citrus flavour combined with the heat of the alcohol makes for a nice round taste.

  • Oranges, oranges, ORANGES!!! With juniper playing a nice support role.

  • Taste is flavourful and inviting, contains a rose/berry like overtone with a very satisfying bed of juniper and spice. Smooth mouth feel + nostalgic finish.

  • Sweet on the nose, hints of candy. Sweetness carries over into palate.

  • Light and sweet to taste - mandarin. Fresh taste and smooth finish

  • Very sweet aroma of berries and cream ; very tropical - pineapple. Sweet lemon taste to pineapple and tropical fruits. Creamy mouthfeel Lemon aftertaste.

  • Very different but works. Strong flavour profile on the palate. Aroma stands out from any similar gins. Quite oral and herbal. Great tangy orange aroma, follows through with well rounded warm with hint of spice.

  • Notes of blood orange, sharp grapefruit, even a little cashew. Beautiful, citrus forward gin finishing smooth with a sweet after taste. Left a warm & fuzzy on the soul, this gin would easily convert the non-drinking folk to gin in a heartbeat.

Medallions-BestInClass-V2-02 (1).png

Rare Dry Australian Gin

GINNATIONArtboard 1 copy 2.png
  • Great citrus tones on the palate. Well rounded from nose to mouthfeel.

  • Clear lingering botanical oils. Juniper forward aroma, citrus yet dry finish -subtle and pleasant.

  • Well balanced no lingering here. Great classic dry.

  • Well rounded, nice dash of zest / citrus and gentle pepper notes in the mouth. Juniper present but not overwhelming , good blend.

  • Bright on the palate. Lots of fruity citrus flavours. Gentle aromas which lends to the gentleness in the mouth. Aroma warm and distinctive.

  • Finger lime? Juniper comes through well in nose and taste. Development in mouth leads to a warm but subtle finish revealing.. orris root?

  • Very inviting aroma, citrus floats out nicely. Great combination of botanicals through the taste. Juniper present throughout.

  • Very bold and strong in flavour.

  • Classic dry gin style. Lemon and citrus. Balanced and complex. Peppercorn, cinnamon, coriander and a earthy aftertaste.

  • Punchy classically dry flavour and aroma.

  • Juicy juniper and zesty citrus on the nose with some lovely leafy herbaceous notes. Nice cinnamon and spice notes add warmth and depth.

Berry Bliss Gin

  • Lovely purple hue. Very sweet aromatic on the nose with the oral taste complementing the smoothness of this gin. So gentle on the palate but full of flavour.

  • Warm yet light, delicate and fruity, this gin is a beautifully balanced drop.

  • Sweetness lingers. Great violet colour and that's exactly what you can smell on the nose, sweet oral notes. Nice eucalyptus notes lingering in the background here. Alcohol is present but not too forceful.

  • Interesting purple colour which is intriguing. A balanced palate and smooth mouthfeel which is nice and is enjoyable.

  • Lovely purple hue. Punchy and quite savoury aroma. mildly sweet taste, somehow reminds me of jelly beans but without being so sweet.

  • Rich purple colour and extremely smooth drinking, this gin could almost be deceived for a non-alcoholic beverage. Neat over ice, this gin brings nothing but warm and fuzzies.

  • Lovely colour. Bright and very sweet on the nose. Grape bubblegum and passionfruit.

  • Candy on the nose

  • Really enjoyed tasting this ne gin and would love to pair with FT Elderower!

  • For a gin that's flavoured which is sometimes far from its original form, its a lovely flavour and balance from nose to finish.

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